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In order to apply for admission to CHEC, the student should either have an engineering diploma from a recognized School of Engineering or carry, at least, a Bachelor of Science degree from a recognized university.
In principle, applications for the academic year beginning next September are accepted not later than the end of June. The admission jury meets every month between March and June.
Applications may also be submitted in advance for the school session beginning in September of the following year. Such a procedure will give students more time to apply for scholarships from the various concerned authorities.


The tuition fees for foreign students including documentation (which is provided for each course), amounts to 8.000 euros.
Application for government or other scholarships have to be filled in by the students directly with the appropriate authorities.


CHEC is located in its own building, 1 rue Paul Bert at Arcueil (94110), France, very close to Paris, on the RER B line (Arcueil Cachan station), not far from “Cité Internationale”.
If they are younger that the limit age, CHEC students may benefit from usual student facilities (French social security medical care, possible complementary health insurance, university restaurants, student residences and international houses…).


The CHEC Certificate is delivered to students who succeeded in the exams and all CHEC requirements. It leads to ECTS credits.
The certificate mentions the section chosen by the student, either CHEBAP (reinforced and prestressed concrete constructions) , CHEM (steel constructions) or CHEB (timber constructions).


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Le CHEC a été créé en 1957 par les Professionnels du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics.

Il a pour mission de former chaque année soit de jeunes universitaires ou Ingénieurs terminant leurs études, soit des Ingénieurs d'Entreprise désirant étendre leurs compétences.

A la suite de ce cycle de 10 mois, les diplômés sont immédiatement capables de prendre en charge la conception technique et l'exécution des ouvrages les plus élaborés, en France comme dans le monde.

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