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CHEC, the “Center for Higher Studies in Civil Engineering”, is a postgraduate training center; it has been created in 1957 by national professional organizations representing the major French construction companies. These last are strongly involved in the Management Board since the beginning. They guarantee that the curriculum perfectly matches with their needs.

The teaching staff is composed of about 60 top level practicing engineers and technical managers working for the major French construction companies and design offices in civil engineering (Eiffage, Bouygues, Vinci, etc.). Its objectives are to transform, in one academic year, regular students graduated in Civil Engineering into high level engineers, directly efficient and immediately able to take the responsibility of any kind of construction projects.

The courses are delivered in French, so CHEC students should be sufficiently comfortable in this language to understand the lectures and all the related works as well.

To improve their knowledge in concrete, steel or timber structures, they must choose between the following CHEC sections:
     - CHEBAP, “Centre des Hautes Etudes du Béton Armé et Précontraint” (Center for higher studies in reinforced and prestressed concrete structures) ;
     - CHEM, “Centre des Hautes Etudes du Métal” (Center for higher studies in Steel Structures) ;
     - CHEB, “Centre des Hautes Etudes du Bois” (Center for higher studies in Timber Structures), Master degree recognized by the National High School Council (CNGE) in partnership with the National School of Wood Industries and Technologies at Epinal (ENSTIB)
     - CHEMEX, “Conception et Hautes Etudes des Méthodes d’Exécution” (Conception and higher studies in executions methods).

Successful completion of the one year postgraduate curriculum leads to the CHEC certificate bearing the signatures of both Presidents of the French National Federations of Building and of Civil Engineering.

CHEC is recognized by the French institutions as a postgraduate high level technical education center.

More than 3000 engineers have already followed the CHEC curriculum, with a large number of foreign students (20% in the last 40 years) representing more than 60 countries. CHEC is well-known all over the world as a prestigious postgraduate civil engineering training center and there is a permanent high demand for CHEC alumni, who get positions of high responsibility in design offices and on construction sites, both in national and international activities.


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Le CHEC a été créé en 1957 par les Professionnels du Bâtiment et des Travaux Publics.

Il a pour mission de former chaque année soit de jeunes universitaires ou Ingénieurs terminant leurs études, soit des Ingénieurs d'Entreprise désirant étendre leurs compétences.

A la suite de ce cycle de 10 mois, ou 16 mois avec un stage, les diplômés sont immédiatement capables de prendre en charge la conception technique et l'exécution des ouvrages les plus élaborés, en France comme dans le monde.

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